Are you a college student still living under your parents’ roof?  


Do you find it hard to feel like an adult when you’re sleeping in your childhood bedroom?


Do you feel left behind by your peers who went away to college?  


Perhaps you are working, taking classes, and taking care of loved ones while trying to have a social life AND plan for your future.   


You may even feel a little bit robbed of your college years, because you’re missing out on all of the “fun” parts.  

What if I told you that you weren’t alone?


Let’s face it: Your college experience isn’t “normal”

… but it doesn’t have to be worse! 



Just because you stayed home to go to college doesn’t mean you are destined for boredom, stress, and frustration.

You can get to know other people in the same situation and get realtime feedback on how to deal with relationships, family, work, school, and lots more.

You can take full advantage of what life has to offer, academically, socially, and professionally.

You can learn the best ways to manage the stress that comes from juggling a million things at once.

You can make friends in the process.  


If all of that sounds good but you don’t know where to go…


Launching in FEBRUARY 2018: The College Commuter Community! 


What you will get:

  • Support from a group of peers who can relate to your stressors so that you feel less isolated

  • Weekly feedback from a mental health professional so that you can feel you are making progress towards your goals

  • Strategies to manage your time and keep your sanity so you’re not always scrambling to get things done on time

  • Relaxation techniques you can use on your own time whenever you need it

  • A safe, confidential place to air your grievances with no judgement so that you can enjoy your personal relationships

  • Skills to handle your annoying roommates (aka your parents!)

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Julia Tsakalis, LCSW

Julia Tsakalis, LCSW

Group Faciliator

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ who works with college-age young adults.  I received my undergraduate degree from Boston University and a Masters in Social Work from New York University. During graduate school I commuted from Bergen County to NYC and experienced firsthand what it’s like to be a student living with her parents! I am motivated to make this time of your life rewarding and exciting. I can help you because I know what it’s like!


  • The ability to commit to a weekly meeting for a minimum of 6 weeks

  • Listening skills

  • The desire to unplug for an hour a week and have a conversation, in person, with your peers

  • An initial payment of $50 to reserve your spot and $200 once we begin

This group is for you if…

  • You are a college student who lives at home.

  • You want to meet new people.

  • You can find time to meet one hour per week.

  • You are curious how people make the college commuter lifestyle work for them.

  • You find it hard to connect with your peers when you don’t live on campus.

  • You are open to getting support and feedback from others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does this cost?  Total, you will be paying $250 for 6 sessions.  Your initial membership is reserved with a $50 deposit and the remaining $200 is paid in full when group begins (nonrefundable).  Continued group membership will be reserved in 6 week increments for $250. Receipts can be provided to submit to your insurance.

  • When are the meetings?  Meetings will begin early 2018. Once reservations are made group members will decide on a mutually convenient time. This is why your commitment is super important! Weekly meetings will exclude holidays.

  • I’m not sure yet. What should I do? If you’re not completely sure you’re a good fit for this group, we should talk! Let’s schedule a phone consult and decide what’s best for you. I can be reached at or (201) 294-1836

  • I would like to join! What do I do next? Leave me your e-mail and I will reach out to you to schedule a phone consultation.

I can’t wait to hear from you! Submit your e-mail address below if you are ready to make a change that will lead you to a great support group and a successful and FUN college experience!


“I have been seeing Julia for almost a year now. Over the course of my time seeing her I have had a great experience. During my initial visits she comforted me and listened to me while offering subtle and supportive suggestions. As time has gone on we have developed an excellent rapport. I am always amazed when she remembers the smallest detail that I may have mentioned from months ago. Julia offers young adults like myself a wonderful opportunity to feel comfortable and truly express issues that are happening in our lives, good or bad. I have always felt welcomed and important when I visit her office. She is a real person with real feelings and can truly understand when someone is in need, she can empathize, and connect to concerns that you are having. I would highly recommend seeing Julia, she is wonderful!”
Mark, 23

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