I will go above and beyond to connect you to the appropriate resources that you may need in order to become your best possible self.

Hi! I am Julia Tsakalis, LCSW

Are you a high school student, recent college graduate, or young adult who’s struggling to figure out what steps to take next? Do you find your self esteem to be surprisingly low? Do you ever feel like your family or friends don’t seem to get you? Perhaps you are waiting for someone else to change so your life can be better.

If most of your time is spent worrying and not actually doing things you enjoy, then I can help. I have helped many young adults take steps towards alleviating their worry, be in healthy relationships, find their dream job, and more.

We will work together to identify negative thought patterns and learn how to use mindfulness to rid yourself of feelings of frustration, sadness and worry. You will feel more motivated and be able to take action to better your future and improve the quality of your relationships.
Whether you’re struggling to love your job or you want to stop fighting with your partner, we’ll work together to make that happen. There’s no reason you have to figure this out on your own. You can share your story and gain support to better your situation.


I received my Masters in Social Work at New York University, and bachelor’s degree at Boston University.

The foundation of my practice is built on Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. You are unique and your therapy should be, too! You tell me what works for you, and we adjust accordingly.

How it all began…

When people ask me how I ended up becoming a social worker, I like to say that this profession found me. When entering my freshman year at Boston University, I signed up for a freshman volunteer program in order to get on campus early and make some friends before classes started. What I thought would be an extra week to get situated on campus and get dibs on the best bed in my dorm room turned out to be a life changing experience.

My first semester of college found me as a student teacher in an urban elementary school. I really enjoyed working with the children but found the structure of the education system to be extremely limiting. To me, there were clear answers for what some of these children needed, but limited resources left these struggling students in the dust. I made a silent vow to make a change, even if it was for one person at a time.

About halfway through college it occurred to me that I loved all of my extracurricular work (volunteering) so much more than my academic courses in literature and liberal arts. I asked myself, “wouldn’t it be so great if I could get paid to help others and do what I love?” My mother, who is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, said “that would be great, and you can!”

By the time I was ready to graduate, I had spent my entire college career consistently involved in the BU community service center, moved on from my initial dream of becoming a high school English teacher, and had enrolled in my first semester of Social Work school at New York University. The rest has been a beautiful, eye-opening, and rewarding journey that I continue to look forward to each and every day.

Julia Tsakalis, LCSW // Psychotherapist
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